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Image The Inland Empire Beekeepers Association offers several beekeeping classes for all levels of beekeepers and honey bee enthusiasts.  The IEBA is a Non-Profit Corporation that exists to promote beekeeping in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho through the education of future and current beekeepers in all aspects of beekeeping and to educate the general public on the benefits and necessity of Honey Bees and their products.

Beekeeping classes and Educational programs offered and sponsored by the IEBA are driven by the following goals:

  • To grow beekeeper numbers in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho
  • To provide the knowledge and skills so that beginning beekeepers can successfully keep bees through two successive years
  • To produce WA State Certified Beekeepers who meet all state, county, and municipal codes
  • To grow the Inland Empire Beekeepers Association and Washington State Beekeepers Association membership
  • To foster growth in beekeeping skills in intermediate and advanced beekeeping courses

The IEBA currently offers these beekeeping classes and other honeybee and honey product educational opportunities to further the knowlege of beekeeping and the importance of honey bees in the Inland Northwest:

A schedule of classes and educational programs for the upcoming year can be viewed on the IEBA beekeeping class syllabus and course catalog.

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